Delivering Electric Vehicle Charging in Condos

February 2017

Most condo buildings were not built to accommodate electric vehicle charging.

For condo buildings choosing to allow electric vehicle charging stations, installation in individual parking spaces seems to be the most common approach.

Condo residents desiring an electric vehicle charging station must comply with Section 98 of the Condo Act. The unit owner and corporation are required to enter into an agreement allowing for changes to the common element.

Some considerations for this agreement:

  • Responsibility for costs associated with installation and use of the electric vehicle charger, including the cost of bringing electricity to the parking space, should reside with the unit owner.
  • Responsibility for measuring and paying for electricity use should reside with the unit owner. This would likely require the unit owner to have installed a sub-meter to measure electricity usage.  They would also be required to employ a sub-metering company to read the sub-meter and issue invoices for electricity consumption based on the sub-meter readings.
  • Cost of maintaining and repairing the sub-meter and electric vehicle charging station should reside with the unit owner.
  • When the electric vehicle charging station is no longer required or the unit is sold, measures may be necessary to remove or deactivate the electric vehicle charging station, or to transfer it (and the sub-meter) to the new condo owner. Responsibility for these costs should be clear.

For information on electric vehicle charging stations, see Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Condo Archives – Condo Building Management, Cars.