Deicing – Just another Winter Hazard

February 2020

That winter is both dangerous and messy comes as no surprise.  For cleaning professionals dealing with what gets tracked indoors during winter can be a nightmare.

For cleaning crews dealing with winter can be the hardest part of the job.  Lobbies, elevators, entrances and hallways become dangerous messes.  Without extra effort and expense that good impression when walking in the door disappears.

CMC Services, which provides year-round cleaning services for condo communities, explains the challenge in dealing with deicing products.  “Chloride salt deicing products are popular because of their effectiveness at melting ice and snow.  They then turn into a granular product that finds its way indoors damaging floor finishes and carpeting.  Salt particles that make their way indoors damage expensive cleaning equipment from the inside along with furniture legs and fabrics.”

Walking across a floor with these deicing granules can feel like walking on marbles.  They attract moisture and cause dampness making floors and carpets slippery.

Keeping condo common areas safe and clean requires more frequent cleaning in winter.  Failing to remove this deicing residue increases the risk of damage, injury and insurance claims