Death in a Condo – Restoration Services to the Rescue

January 2017

When someone passes away in a condo building restoration services are essential.

After the police or emergency services have done their part a restoration services team take over. It is their job to deal with any blood, body fluids or even mould if a body has been sitting for an extended period of time.

An experienced crew will ensure everything is done properly.

A restoration services company may be brought in by family or building management. Their first task is to consult with authorities before entering a condo suite. They need to ensure the area is safe and that evidence gathering is complete.

Steve Hudson of Hudson Restoration Services explains that “the restoration services company also needs to consult with family or next of kin. While these parties may not have responsibility or authority over the suite, sensitivities need to be considered. One or more insurance companies may need to be consulted. In total there may be half a dozen different parties involved in the process. Restoration without problems or conflict involves a complex communication process requiring experience, sensitivity, compassion and patience.”

The restoration process may include clean up, mould remediation and drywall or floor repair. During this period there needs to be consideration for family and access to personal items.

Dealing with a body in a residential building is highly sensitive and complicated. Complexities increase when a body lies undiscovered for a period of time. Fluids or blood may have migrated from the suite to lower levels. These matters need to be dealt with discretely. Disruption to residents needs to be minimal.

Building notices are unlikely to be specific. They may identify general maintenance being undertaken. Restoration workers are likely instructed not to discuss the work they are doing.