Dealing with Wasps

July 2019

Wasps are an unwelcome intrusion on outdoor, and sometimes indoor, condo life.  They buzz around windows, food and people.  Numbers multiply in late summer and fall as they frequent picnic areas, BBQs and garbage areas.

Yellow jackets are the most common Toronto variety of wasp.  They eat pests that can damage plants but also sting people.  Those allergic to their sting can have adverse reactions.  A severe allergic reaction may result in anaphylactic shock and death.

Wasps nest above or below ground and are scavengers that seek food anywhere it can be found including open waste receptacles.  They are attracted to human activities where food is present.  Their diet includes meat, sugar and other insects.

Wasps can be territorial, aggressive and dangerous in large numbers.  They tend not to sting unless provoked.

Wasps do not cause structural damage to houses or buildings.  They are an annoyance that interferes with outdoor activities.

It is best to consult a pest control specialist for dealing with severe wasp problems.


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