Dealing with Short-Term Condo Rentals

April 2017

Condo corporations intent on eliminating Airbnb and other short-term rentals from buildings have been provided with the tools to do so.

Assuming that short-term rentals are prohibited per corporation by-laws and rules, condo boards and management have authority to identify and deal with the situation.

Review rules, procedures, systems, policies and practices. Ensure they are adequate, consistent and practical.

  • Monitor Airbnb and other websites for building suites being advertised as short-term accommodation.
  • Remind security and concierge staff of their duties to ensure only residents and their guests are allowed to enter the premises. Discipline employees who fail in their duties.
  • Implement a visitor log book that each visitor must sign. Details to include suite visited, purpose of visit and duration of visit.
  • Place security cameras throughout the building.
  • Inform residents and owners that short-term rentals are prohibited. Advise of the consequences which may include legal action and the possibility of lease termination.
  • When legal action is taken against a short-term lease and successful, inform all residents and owners.

Where short-term rentals are not prohibited in corporation by-laws and rules, short-term rentals are an acceptable use of condo suites until such time as these documents are revised

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