Dealing with Neighbour Disputes

February 2022

With condo living, disputes with neighbours can be more easily handled.  A management office enforcing community rules can be a more effective approach than direct confrontation.

Some assume the corporation should be involved in every dispute when this is not the case.

The corporation is generally responsible for enforcement of governing documents.  Before expending financial resources and time dealing with a situation the board should be in agreement:

  1. Rules of the condominium corporation are being violated by an owner, resident or tenant
  2. The corporation is capable of reasonably proving its case

When either of these conditions is unlikely a condo board may conclude the corporation should not become involved in a situation.

A resident or owner can best support their case by documenting any alleged offense(s).  Providing documentation and agreeing to be a witness can help a board decide to get involved.

Another option is to contact police at the time a situation occurs.  Excessive noise is a fairly common complaint for which municipalities may be able to enforce noise or other ordinances.  Municipal officers may be capable of measuring noise volume.  Any police report that is prepared could be helpful to the condo board.  At the very least, police or a municipal officer may be able to serve as a third-party witness to what transpired.