Covid Protection Measures – Necessary or just when convenient

May 2020

The need for physical distancing and social isolation, despite their importance, is viewed as less urgent when communities send mixed messages.

Condo boards are governed by the Condo Act.  Some have acted in a confusing manner possibly in violation of their authority.  Many have chosen to direct residents on how to act.  Notices about washing hands and other actions, while informative, is best provided by a health authority and not condo management.  A better approach would be to direct residents to government or health resources rather than acting as the health authority.

Fewer condo boards have chosen to share what they are doing, if anything, with regard to cleaning or disinfection measures.  How frequently are touch points cleaned?  When was the last time hallways were vacuumed or door handles cleaned?  Have additional cleaning staff been employed?  These are effective measures over which a condo board has authority.

Many have chosen to continue with non-emergency building maintenance.  It may be painting, life safety system testing, window cleaning or landscaping that is allowed to continue.

Inconsistent messaging and actions are to be avoided.  Physical distancing and self-isolation should not be treated as actions of convenience.  They are equally applicable to all.

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