COVID Offers Glimpse into Retirement

May 2021

The COVID pandemic has given many an early glimpse into retirement.

A well-planned retirement offers a satisfactory combination of leisure and rewarding activities.  The pandemic has become an unstructured, and hopefully temporary, interlude where many have become bored, unfocused and unhappy.

Physical distancing has created a retirement-like situation where people are cut off from daily routines they relied upon for structure, enjoyment and socialization.  Those experiencing pandemic-induced depression or anxiety can anticipate similar feelings in a poorly-planned retirement.  Individuals moving prematurely into retirement because of pandemic-induced job loss can suffer depression or anxiety.  Adjusting to leaving the workforce can take years during which too much time is spent sleeping and sitting around doing nothing.

Enjoying retirement requires that you find some purpose to replace the daily routine of work.  Without purpose, many spend their days sitting and watching television or surfing social media.  Being an inactive spectator is unhealthy and can cause mental or physical problems.

Preparing for retirement means figuring out what to do each day.  Some enjoy part-time work.  Others volunteer or develop hobbies such as home improvement projects or cooking.  Many spend more time socializing with friends.  Developing an exercise routine is important.

Finding daily activities is easier in high-rise communities with common areas.  Exercising, playing cards, viewing movies and sporting events, and social activities are all popular in buildings with accessible common areas and planned activities.

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