COVID Cleaning Protocols – Lessons from Seneca College and Western University

July 2021

Western University (London, Ontario) and Seneca College are post-secondary education institutions that have enhanced their cleaning protocols to keep sprawling campuses open during the pandemic.  Their successful methods offer solutions easily adopted in high-rise communities.

Both institutions deal with high foot traffic in a self-contained area much like condominium and high-rise communities.  Visitors and vendors need to be accommodated.

Seneca College has seasonal procedures to increase common area cleaning for dealing with the flu.  Western University focuses on cleaning for health rather than aesthetics.  Both were able to modify procedures in response to COVID.

Individuals are responsible for cleaning spaces they use. Spray bottles and cleaning cloths are provided for cleaning and wiping.  Bottles are refilled and cloths cleaned during daily cleaning procedures.

Surfaces and touch points are cleaned throughout the day using an electrostatic sprayer. Electrostatic sprayers make cleaning and disinfecting easier and faster.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in strategic locations. Daily cleaning procedures include checking dispensers and refilling as necessary.

Increased awareness of how may are using a room at one time. Adjustments are made to restrict access when necessary.  Staggered cleaning hours ensure staff are available to clean spaces before and after peak periods.