Costly Amenities Less Popular

Some of the more costly amenities in condo buildings are becoming less popular. Consider replacing them with more popular and less costly to maintain amenities.

Swimming Pools
Swimming pools are extremely expensive to maintain and can sit unused most of the time. This is because aquatic activities require more effort than most are willing to expend on their exercise.

Exercise Rooms
Costly equipment, such as treadmills and weights, are less popular than they once were. While cardio equipment remains a desired staple of exercise facilities in condos, there is a greater desire for studios that can accommodate group activities such as Yoga and Pilates.

Personal trainers are in greater demand.

Some condo facilities provide access to personal trainers. Others allow trainers to use studios when working with condo residents.

Wellbeats is an innovative approach to group cardio activities. These are fitness classes with a virtual personal trainer on a large TV screen. Wellbeats offers group classes for all ages and at all fitness levels.

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