Cost of Experts

September 2021

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur

Red Adair



Nowhere is this truer than in condo living.  Every dollar spent in a condominium building comes from condo owners.  There is a misguided belief that having non-experts provide advice and completing tasks is the way to minimize condo fees.  While this may save money at the onset, history shows the cost of hiring a professional to clean up the “mess” made by amateurs is much higher.

The superintendent and condominium manager play an important role as generalists employed to handle day-to-day tasks.  When problems arise it becomes necessary to bring in individuals with specialized skill and knowledge.  Experts are available for virtually any matter relating to condo living including fire safety, HVAC or elevator repair, contracting, building systems, energy efficiency, finance and legal matters.  The role of the condo board and condominium manager is to seek out specialists to address specific situations.

Employing experts when the need arises increases the likelihood that problems are properly addressed the first time.  This allows directors and management to focus on tomorrow’s crisis rather than something that could have been resolved yesterday, giving residents the comfort of knowing their home is being taken care of.