Coronavirus Fatigue is not an Option

October 2020

Condo boards suffering from Coronavirus fatigue need to press on.  Much still needs to be done.

Concern needs to shift from short-term safety precautions to longer-term precautions, governance, policies and procedures.  These are issues not mandated by any laws and which may vary depending on what matters a condo board deems relevant.

What amenities will reopen, when, and with what restrictions or procedures?

What policies must be followed by outside workers, guests and others accessing a building?

What changes, if any, are to be made to cleaning and sanitation practices?

When a suite is undergoing renovations, during move-ins and move-outs there may be a requirement that the owner ensure certain health and safety measures are maintained by contractors, delivery personnel and service providers.

Can board, committee and other in-person meetings proceed?  If virtual meetings, and voting, are to replace in-person meetings systems need to be in place.

Under what circumstances can residents access the management office and concierge/security?  When direct access is not allowed systems should be in place to address service requests, concerns and complaints.  Communication systems should ensure anything received by management is properly recorded, stored, responded to and addressed.

There is no single solution likely to be effective in all communities.  Decisions have to be made based on community demographics, board priorities and available funds.  There are practical solutions for all issues once a condo board has determined how they want to proceed.

A proper plan is no small undertaking and while it may take into account all pertinent  details, communicating that plan so residents buy-in and follow guidance is critical to a successful outcome.

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