Converting to Electric Stoves

June 2024

At one time gas cooking was considered a hard-to-obtain luxury feature in high-rise buildings.  Today it is becoming recognized as harmful and a cause of poor air quality.

Electric stoves are cheaper to purchase and operate.  There is less risk of a gas leak or shutdown.

Studies are showing that residents who traded gas stoves for electric induction saw improved air quality compared with their neighbors.  Households with electric ovens showed a 35 percent decrease in daily concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and a nearly 43 percent drop in daily concentrations of carbon monoxide.

Research is showing that cooking with natural gas is bad for your health and the environment.  A recent study has linked natural gas usage to an increase in asthma risk among children.

Converting from a gas stove to electric may require an electrical upgrade.  Electric and induction stoves require a 240-volt outlet which is more than a standard electrical outlet.  It may be necessary to upgrade the electrical panel in your unit to handle the extra electrical load.  If your building does not have the electrical capacity to handle more heavy-duty appliances, a building-wide electrical upgrade may be required.