Condos are not Houses

January 2018

Those contemplating condo living should understand there are  differences between a condo and a house.

Purchasing a house means buying land and the structure on top of it.  Owning a house means accepting responsibility for everything.  You handle repairs, pay bills, mow the lawn, plant flowers, rake leaves and shovel the driveway.  You decide when it is time to paint the house, replace the roof or get a new water heater.  You get to make the rules.

Purchasing a high-rise condo home means buying into a lifestyle.  Ownership means that someone else is responsible for doing much of the work associated with owning a house.  It means you accept the paying of condo fees, and accepting rules, as determined by directors voted in by those who own suites in your building.  Condo ownership means being prepared to pay your shared cost when the roof leaks or air conditioning fails.  The Board decides how and when such items are maintained and repaired.

Condo living is a great choice for some but not all people.  It offers convenience and safety.  It requires giving up some of the control associated with home ownership.

Those not comfortable with following condo rules, closer proximity to neighbours and payment of monthly condo fees may not be suited for the condo lifestyle.