Condos for Kids – Family Friendly Condos coming to Yonge/Eglinton

April 2016

Condo living has played an important role in Toronto’s development as a people friendly city. During this time children, while not ignored, have been more of an afterthought.

This is about to change. The Eglinton, at 161 Eglinton Ave. E, is balancing the desire for an adult lifestyle with accommodating families with children.

Central to this is a Kids Room. Designed using bright colours and surfaces to stimulate children, this room is specifically designed to accommodate children and their parents. The room is a colourful space that will include an activity wall, soft floors, walls and furnishings where young children can run around and burn off energy. It includes a commercial play space with low stools and tables along with bean bag chairs. There are alcoves for parents and children, or small groups, to read books, listen to music or puppetry. For adults this will be a Wi-Fi enabled space.

This is a colourful space for kids within a more contemporary building designed for adults.

Priced in the mid-$200,000s,The Eglinton is designed as an affordable condo building in a walkable area with schools, transit and area attractions. Other amenities in the development are designed to appeal to parents and residents without children. These include a wireless lounge, theatre, gym and car-sharing service. There will also be party, yoga and games rooms.

The building is designed to attract young families who are not interested in a suburban house. It is, according to various surveys, the type of home desired by a majority of home purchasers. These are generally working age adults who prefer to live in the city. These individuals enjoy the condo lifestyle and don’t view it as inconsistent with having children.

A Kids Room is considered by some as part of the solution for providing adult lifestyle condominiums that accommodate families with children.