Condominium Manager Roulette

October 2021

Communities suffer when a condominium manager leaves their employment.  This has been occurring with greater frequency as a shortage of experienced condominium managers allows some with less experience to leave positions secure in the knowledge that another position can be found.

Condominium management does not always attract those most competent to manage the multi-million dollar operation that most condominium corporations are.  Post-graduate students, MBAs and others with desired skills find the field lacks the earning potential they desire.

Condominium managers accepting employment then leaving without a successful record more typically lack the expertise to be effective.  They leave a prior employer no better off than before they arrived, possibly with undocumented tasks, obligations and incomplete repairs for their replacement or the condo board to discover.

Effective condominium managers know how to manage their time, achieve more in less time and satisfy conflicting interests.  They have the skills and temperament to deal with residents of all types.  More capable condominium managers do more than plug numbers into a spreadsheet at budget time, respond to calls and e-mail, and socialize.  They identify ways to improve on the way things are being done, make the best use of corporation funds and offer a better lifestyle to residents.

Condominium corporations willing to pay more for better skilled condominium managers can reduce turnover in this position and avoid the consequences of condominium manager roulette.

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