Condominium Manager Core Competencies

June 2024

Condominium managers are licensed professionals working in an evolving and fast-paced environment.  Their success depends on condo boards and owners having confidence in them to manage their home and investment.

The Condominium Manager Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) identifies 79 competencies to be mastered.  Some practical examples help to explain the relevancy of these competencies.

Dealing with Resident Concerns

A condominium manager is the primary contact when a unit owner or resident has a concern.  The manager listens, and hopefully responds, to service requests, complaints, problems, concerns and other issues.  When the unit owner is angry or upset, the manager is expected to remain calm, listen attentively and express empathy.  These interpersonal skills are represented in the following competencies:

Core Competencies – Interpersonal Skills

  • Demonstrate a professional presence
  • Manage expectations in an empathetic manner
  • Engage in active listening
  • Facilitate communication by demonstrating courtesy and consideration

Responding to concerns in writing without speaking is a failure in applying these core competencies.

Building Inspections

During a regular building inspection, a manager notices that an area of a hallway is particularly cold on one floor.  On another floor they notice trash in the hallway and stacked in the trash room.  Some doors are not fully closing.

The manager then obtains industry expertise to assess the HVAC system for issues, directs cleaning staff to do a better job in specific areas of the building, and undertakes measures to repair doors and/or closing systems.  This will likely involve interaction with contractors.  Depending on the situation, residents may be asked to keep doors closed and dispose of their trash in an appropriate manner.

Core Competencies – Physical Building

  • Conduct general inspections of the property to identify maintenance and repair requirements
  • Manage inspections, testing, maintenance, repair and replacement obligations
  • Analyze and present quotations and contracts to the Board of Directors to allow for effective decisions

Core Competencies – Interpersonal Skills

  • Adapt communication strategies to suit different audiences

Allowing the physical infrastructure to deteriorate and fall into disrepair, without informing the Board of Directors, can occur when the manager fails to undertake regular building inspections.

Renovation Projects

A condominium corporation has decided to refurbish its front lobby and party room.  One board member has a family member who is a general contractor that is interested in doing the work.  The condominium manager is asked to speak with him about the project.

This situation is fraught with conflict.  The condominium manager politely tells the board member that their relative can submit a bid for the contract, and advises the board member to disclose their relationship to the rest of the board.  The condominium manager also advices that they have an ethical responsibility to ensure the board is aware of this relationship.

Core Competencies – Ethical Responsibilities

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Recognize and disclose real and perceived conflicts of interest
  • Recognize and act in the best interests of the condominium corporation

The job of condominium manager is one that requires trust and confidence.  This can only be achieved by managers that are competent, capable, knowledgeable, honest and transparent.

The complete list of condominium manager core competencies established by the CMRAO can be found at beginning on page 16.



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