Condominium Living and Regulatory Oversight – The Numbers

December 2022

The 2020/2021 Annual Report for the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) presents a summary of the condominium space in Toronto and Ontario.

Number of Condominium Corporations

  • 12,100+ condominium corporations in Ontario. (Condominium Authority of Ontario)
  • 922,000 condominium units in Ontario. (Condominium Authority of Ontario)
  • 50 percent of new homes in Ontario are condominiums (Tarion). Toronto numbers are dramatically higher since virtually no single-family homes are being built.

Number of Condominium Managers

  • There are 3,873 individuals with an active condominium manager license in Ontario. Of this, 2,374 hold a General License and able to manage a condominium corporation without oversight.  Within Toronto, 1,368 individuals hold an active condominium manager license.  These numbers have been on the rise for four consecutive years.  (CMRAO)

Complaints against Condominium Management

  • There have been 973 complaints made to the CMRAO about condominium management during 2020/2021. Substantial complains were made against 48 condominium managers and 31 provider businesses.
  • Ten inspections were carried out based on serious allegations of misconduct by a condominium manager, all of which were related to unlicensed practice.
  • Two discipline decisions were made against condominium managers who failed to comply with their code of ethics.
  • Five licenses were revoked for reasons that include conflict of interest, unlicensed practice, competence, responsiveness, improper fund transfers and improper transfer of records. These actions can be found at

Click here to read the CMRAO 2020/2021 Annual Report.