Condo Welfare

February 2017

In business it is considered unlawful to provide a product or service to one person by making someone else pay.

The exception to this is government which has authority to redistribute funds for a wide array of services and social benefits including health care, law enforcement, education and the building of roads.

Condo corporations also have this authority which is used on a regular basis. Condo corporations often charge condo fees based on suite size. Owners of larger condo suites pay more in condo fees than those of smaller suites. Owners of larger condo suites may pay a premium to use their parking space(s). They pay more to maintain that exercise room and swimming pool. They can pay more for utilities, when included with maintenance fees, even when using considerably less.

Electricity use, which may account for up to 40% of a condo corporation budget, is another area where high volume users are subsidized. Available information suggests that an estimated 70% of condo owners in buildings without in-suite metering pay more in electricity costs to subside a 30% minority that are heavier electricity users.