Condo Upgrades that Add Value

October 2016

Regardless of if you are living in your condo, renting or selling, here are six condo upgrades that add value.


Custom hardware is one of the more inexpensive ways to make a space stand out. Quality handles and knobs on doors and cabinets can make a huge difference. Oversized handles are currently popular.


Quality lighting makes a condo suite stand out. It helps a space look modern, brighter and more appealing.


Condo suites rarely have enough storage. Empty closets look inferior to those with built-in shelving. Space for shoes and

linens is desirable. While this may not actually create more space, it does make the space appear larger and easier to use.

Quality Appliances

A gas stove, fridge/freezer with ice maker and microwave are all popular appliances.

Hardwood Floors

Carpeted floors are to be avoided. They wear out, particularly near furniture and more heavily travelled areas. They show dirt and can be hard to clean.

Hardwood floors transmit noise much easier and require quality soundproof material to avoid problems with neighbours and your condo corporation. Engineered hardwood flooring is preferred. Laminate and faux-wood flooring are also preferable to carpeted floors.

Kitchen Counter Tops

Granite and quartz tend to be more durable than laminate.