Condo Security – How Much is Too Much

October 2015

Condo living is probably the most secure form of housing. Neighbours, rules and controlled access all help. Yet many feel this is inadequate and choose to invest in security services and security cameras.

It is about balance. How much security is enough? Some is necessary. Many are prepared to pay a premium for enhanced security. Too much security is costly and may not provide a greater level of protection.


The primary role of the concierge is to control the flow of people through a main door and to provide access to parking.

A concierge will stop and question visitors, accept deliveries and provide some services for residents. Their security role is rarely adequate to address the security needs of a large building. The concierge is often required to attend to duties in other parts of the building which leaves their post near a front door, where security cameras are monitored, unattended.

The limited staffing in condo buildings is typically inadequate to prevent people from sneaking into a building by gaining access through one of multiple entranceways.

Security Cameras

Security cameras play an important role in condo security. They protect the common property from vandalism, damage, theft and misuse.

Cameras should be directed to hallways, entranceways, mailroom, garages and parking areas, amenities and other public areas of the building including high traffic areas.

Security cameras help to deter crime and misuse or abuse of common areas. When a crime or damage occurs, security cameras help to identify the individuals involved and recoup damages.

Keys and/or Electronic Access Devices

Access to keys and electronic access devices is a security issue that is often ignored.

It is common for residents to make copies of keys to their suite, building and/or parking area for backup purposes. These can also be provided to friends or family. The same applies to electronic access devices that can become widely distributed in a similar manner.

This is an invitation to crime. Many of these keys and access devices provided to others can be copied and further distributed.

An important aspect of condo security is to control who can access the building and parking area. Having greater control over the number of keys and access devices, and who can utilize them, is an important part of providing security.


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