Condo Residents Frustrated by Building COVID Restrictions

September 2021

Your building has great amenities.  In fact, amenities are the main reason you purchased there.  You pay a high cost to live in your community and are beginning to question the value of doing so.  These fabulous amenities and common areas offer no value after being closed and inaccessible for so long.

Far too many condo boards have taken it upon themselves to close amenities for fear of COVID despite being allowed to reopen with basic safety precautions.

Condominium communities operate under the direction of a resident-elected Board of Directors.  Many have determined that complete closure of amenities and common areas is the only safe way to operate.  Some have chosen to reopen in a limited way by reducing capacity to less than what is mandated.  In making these decisions they have chosen to overrule local health authorities and higher levels of government.

People are being forced, in some cases, to remain in very small units for a long period of time without access to parts of their home despite it being deemed safe for them to do so.