Condo Resident Types

May 2018

Condo residents come in all shapes, sizes and mindsets.


Indifferent residents reside in a bubble of contentment, rarely contributing to the community nor complaining.  They are unlikely to read information provided to them by the board of directors or management such as newsletters, postings, condo rules or bylaws.

Indifferent residents don’t understand, or choose not to understand, condo living.  They have no interest in contributing to the maintenance or development of their home beyond the suite they reside in and payment of condo fees.  They choose not to attend meetings and are unlikely to be heard from until a change occurs that personally impacts on them.

Indifferent residents typically comprise the majority – perhaps 85% – of residents in your community.


Knowledgeable residents understand what it means to reside in a condo community.  They remain current on what is happening in their community, read most information provided to them and are familiar with condo corporation governing documents including condo rules and bylaws.  They appreciate and follow condo rules.  These residents attend meetings while choosing not to participate on committees or management unless they feel it is absolutely necessary.

Knowledgeable residents may comprise 5% in your community.


No matter how hard everyone tries, there are those who are always dissatisfied.  They dislike change unless it provides a direct and identifiable benefit to them.  They tend to be vocal in their opinions and present themselves as knowledgeable about condo living.  Complainers typically do not read or understand condo communications or governing documents so may have a distorted view of how things are or ought to be.  They mistrust those in authority who are working to best address community priorities.  Complainers will lead in advocating for change without clearly identifying what or why change should occur.

Complainers may comprise 5% in your community.


Involved residents believe that active involvement is the best way to improve their condo home.  They participate on committees, run as board members and actively reach out to other residents.  They believe in community and seek to improve it.

Involved residents may comprise 5%, at most, in your community.