Condo Playgrounds

Playgrounds are a central area for children to meet , gather and play.

They can also enhance condo property values by providing a coveted amenity for young families.

A condo playground can be turned into an adult area by incorporating seating, barbecues, walking paths, plantings or picnic tables. This helps make the space a central outdoor area.

Making the area pleasing to view is important to increasing property value. This can be done by making the space bright, colourful and interesting.

John Larsen is with SYNLawn Artificial Turf, a company that installs playground and other commercial outdoor surfaces. He notes that “older playgrounds were made with sand or pea gravel bases that were easy to track into the building and suites. They could damage floors and elevator doors”. Mr. Larsen explains the benefits of modern playground surfaces. “Playground areas can be virtually maintenance free if developed using the right materials. Equipment can be built from brightly coloured and durable plastic or recycled rubbers that do not rust or easily fade. The surface can be constructed using wood fibres, artificial grass or rubber. Such materials eliminate past problems with playgrounds, require little maintenance and are wheelchair accessible. Some of the newer materials help minimize bacteria, and the amount of outdoor material tracked inside, thus requiring less cleaning, maintenance and repair.”

A well designed playground incorporating grass, plantings, seating and walking area is a desirable amenity for all age groups that helps to increase the value of condo properties. Modern materials now ensure that such spaces no longer need to be tracked indoors thus increasing maintenance and repair costs.