Condo Planning Guide

April 2015


AGM Mailing
Fire Alarm Test
Fire Alarm Test
Landscaping Quotes
Cleaning Contract Tender
Fan Coil Filter Replacement*
Fire Alarm Test
Catch Basin Quotes
Garage Cleaning
Air Filters*
Carpet Cleaning
Fire Alarm Test


Cleaning Contract Renewal
Fire Alarm Test
Window Washing
Outside Gardening
Budget Draft
Air Duct Cleaning*
Fire Alarm Test
Spring Clean Up
Summer BBQ
Mail budget
Fire Alarm Test
Budget Approval
Fire Alarm Test
Insurance Renewal


Mgmnt Contract Tenders
Fire Alarm Test
Halloween Kids Party
Fire Alarm Test
Fall Cleanup
Mngmnt Contract Renewal
Fire Alarm Test
Christmas Party
Fire Alarm Test

* Denotes items unit owner or resident is responsible for
Residents encouraged to provide input on budgets and contract tenders one month in advance


A condominium corporation is a complex business operation. Successful operation requires that the board, committees, management and residents all work together. This requires good communication.

Are residents aware of their maintenance obligations, important dates and social events? Do residents know in advance when the garage is to be cleaned, hallway carpets shampooed or filters changed?

Each year a condo budget must be approved by owners. A good practice is to prepare a Planning Guide at the same time as the budget and to distribute both as a single package. This allows owners to better understand how their monthly fees are being managed.

This shows everyone what work should be undertaken in the building each month. It should include work undertaken by the corporation as well as work that should be undertaken by owners and/or residents.