Condo Owner Meetings – Legal Requirements

January 2018

The Condo Act mandates a three-step process prior to holding a required condo owner meeting.


Preliminary Notice

A Preliminary Notice must be sent to all condo owners at least 35 days prior to the meeting date that should include:

  • Date of the meeting
  • Deadline for owners to submit information to be included in the notice package
  • Purpose of the meeting (i.e. election, requisition, appoint an auditor, or change declaration/bylaw/rules)

When an election is to be conducted at the meeting, the Preliminary Notice must include additional information:

  • Total number of directors
  • Number of vacancies
  • Term for each vacancy
  • Positions for election by owner-occupied units


Submission of Material by Owners

Owners wanting to include material in the notice of meeting package for owners should submit materials.  This material must be included if the request comes from at least 15% of owners.  A standardized form from the Condo Authority of Ontario must be used for this request along with documents for inclusion.


Notice of Meeting

This notice must be provided at least 15 days prior to the meeting and at least 20 days after the Preliminary Notice has been sent.  A Notice of Meeting should include:

  • Meeting Information; date, time and place
  • Quorum requirement
  • Nature of Business;  election, amalgamation, change to bylaw
  • Candidate disclosure statements if relevant
  • Owner submission information if accepted