Condo Manager Best Practice – Building Walk Through

December 2020

As posted on LinkedIn by Condominium Manager N. Kreutzberg ….

As a Property Manager of a high rise, I walk my property once a month, head to toe and enter every mechanical room, locker room, stairwell and do a floor walk from the top down.  Takes me 3 hours, give or take and I provide my findings, or even lack thereof in a report.

We are in charge of millions of dollars in assets.  How do you look your board in the face and tell them you have the corporation’s best interests in mind when you don’t even know what those interests look like?

Being good at what you do is more than writing a report or smiling at residents.

Editor’s Note

A better approach is for the manager to walk the property with one or two residents.  Owners view their home differently than management.  An owner perspective identifies quality and lifestyle expectations which may differ from that of professional management.  Owners may identify minor repairs and maintenance tasks, aesthetic improvements and areas in need of cleaning that have been missed by others.

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