Condo Living Post-COVID – Pet Separation Anxiety

August 2020

As COVID concerns recede and daily activities, including work, resume at-home pets will be left behind.

After becoming accustomed to having someone home with them all day many will have to contend with separation anxiety from being alone for long periods of time.

Cats are less likely to care.  Dogs can become stressed.  They may bark or whine for a period of time after being left alone, and possibly become destructive, before settling down with the belief they have been abandoned.  This is equivalent to a panic attack that persists the entire time you are away and until you return home.

Before returning to work, take precautions to avoid your pet feeling abandoned.  Leave your dog home alone for short periods of time before returning to work, gradually increasing their time alone.  Leave music playing when you go out along with toys and treats to keep your dog calm and occupied.  Rather than giving them access to the entire home, enclose your dog in a smaller space by closing doors to make them more comfortable.

Preparing to return to work includes protecting your pet.  They and your neighbours will thank you.