Condo Living and Management – Solving problems just got easier

January 2019

Condo residents may require someone with condo experience to renovate their home or provide window coverings.  A condo-landlord needs assistance listing their available property.  A condominium manager wants to find condo-experienced engineers.  And condo directors, at times, have need to identify experienced condominium management or security expertise.

These are some of the challenges Toronto Condo News assists with each and every day.  At one time or another, everyone living in or managing a condominium property has concerns or problems relating to condo living or management.  What they require is information and access to condo-experienced professionals.  When this time comes they turn to Toronto Condo News, Condo Archives and Condo Resource Guide.

These are the challenges Toronto Condo News sought to address when introduced nearly six years ago.  A lack of independent, reliable and accessible information on condo living and management was leading to poor decision making and wasted money in condo communities.  Too much dependency was placed on information coming from biased and uninformed sources.  The past two years we have rebuilt the magazine, website and other resources to better accommodate the needs of the Toronto and GTA condo community.  The final piece of this rebuild is now in place.

Toronto Condo News, our monthly magazine, is now the source for current information on all aspects of condo living and management.

Condo Archives, our condo-focused library, organizes this information so anyone can find what is available relating to their current concern.  Searching the Condo Archives for information on virtually any aspect of condo living or management provides immediate access to more than 1,000 articles.  Click here to access Condo Archives.

Condo Resource Guide is our directory of vendors servicing the Toronto and GTA condo community.  Each year we update Condo Resource Guide for the most current information.  Click here to access Condo Resource Guide 2019.

Most recently you may have noticed an enhancement to the Condo Archives.  Virtually all articles now include a direct link to related vendors and service providers in Condo Resource Guide.  This links two independent resources so the Toronto and GTA condo community can find the assistance they require at the time they require it.  Search any Condo Archives category for an article addressing your concern or issue.  Within that article is a direct link to the appropriate Condo Resource Guide category identifying related products, services and/or vendors.