Condo Director Burnout

January 2020

A condo director that has burned-out because of stress and overwork is one indication of a dysfunctional condo board.

The two most common causes of burnout among condo directors is distribution of work and time served.

 Overwork is a leading cause of burnout

Overwork is a leading cause of burnout.  On condo boards it is common for one or two directors to take on most of the work while remaining directors do little more than show up for meetings.  Directors that have taken a leadership role for a particular issue, such as increasing condo fees to avoid an upcoming financial shortfall or supporting a major initiative like energy submetering, may have made a particularly lopsided commitment to the community thus lessening their time until burnout.  The best condo boards have a president who delegates work so it is shared equally.

 Most condo directors serve only a single term which is usually about three years

Most condo directors serve only a single term which is usually about three years.  Those that serve more than a single term are more likely to tire of dealing with constant challenges, meetings and resident concerns.  Others may find the volume of work, in addition to responsibilities at home or at work, becomes too much as they age.

Regardless of reason, condo directors rarely serve more than a single term.  Those serving longer without burning out may be particularly generous of their time.  Serving as a condo director is also an excellent way to network within a community and one way to increase business for those who provide certain consumer services.