Condo Corporation Records Access

July 2014

Condo Act – Section 55(8)

A corporation that without reasonable excuse does not permit an owner or an agent of an owner to examine records or to copy them under this section shall pay the sum of $500 to the owner on receiving a written request for payment from the owner.

The Condo Act requires that copies of condo records be provided upon request.

Any condo owner, or agent authorized in writing, is entitled to access condo corporation records. This includes but is not limited to minutes of board meetings.

They can also request copies of these records.

A request should be made in writing. There are a few exceptions to this disclosure. Employee records do not have to be disclosed. Insurance investigations and litigations which are active or pending are also not available for viewing.

You can be charged a nominal fee for copies. The board cannot charge management or other fees.

If records are not made available for examination, without a reasonable reason and within a reasonable time following the request, the condo corporation is required to pay the owner the sum of $500. A written request for this payment is required. This demand is enforceable in small claims court.