Condo Concerns Require Evidence

October 2018

Condo residents may complain about neighbours but are unlikely to collect evidence nor will they sign an affidavit about misery they are subjected too.

People can be afraid to be identified as complainants.

Condo residents may prefer the condominium manager or board to fix problems without their having to get involved.  This approach, desirable for some, leads to more problems and should be avoided.

When many live together in one building there are bound to be conflicts.  Noise and odours are two of the more common complaints.

Assuming that a complaint is valid, there is little a condo corporation can do unless someone provides factual evidence – dates, times, location and particulars of the incident.

It is best when someone can attest that they saw someone do something inappropriate.

Such details are important to ensure there is proof a particular condo rule or bylaw was breached.