Condo Buildings More Susceptible to Mould

February 2016

Mould is a growing concern in condo buildings.

Buildings are more susceptible to mould due to ventilation issues, lifestyle choices and inadequate maintenance.

HVAC and fancoil systems, and ductwork, are ideal breeding grounds for growing and disseminating mould. These areas have the right combination of temperature, moisture and light for mould to feed and grow. Such spaces are hidden from view which allows mould to grow undisturbed.

Preventing mould from growing and becoming a health concern requires regular maintenance and good living habits. Dusty, moist and cluttered areas are more susceptible to mould.

Some condo corporations undertake building-wide in-suite annual fancoil maintenance as a preventative measure. The same may occur for duct work cleaning.  Condo residents can do their part by repairing or reporting water leaks and regularly cleaning their space so that dust is kept to a minimum. Reducing dirt and grime is necessary to reduce the food source for mould.

Steve Hudson is President of Hudson Restoration Inc. His company assists condo corporations with preventing and dealing with mould problems. Mr. Hudson advises that keeping mould out of condo buildings requires good housekeeping practices by residents. Frequent cleaning, low humidity levels and adequate ventilation to areas can all serve to suppress mould growth. Other measures suggested by Mr. Hudson include frequent filter replacement and informing management if air vents are not functioning properly.

Areas with visible condensation should be reported to management or addressed.

For more information on dealing with mould, see the Condo Archives – Condo Building Management, subheadings Air Quality and Maintenance.