Condo Building Access

June 2017

Condo residents and owners have an obligation to assist in the security of their home.

Some condo residents find it convenient to make copies of keys for a family member or friend.  They may provide such individuals with a building fob or door access code.  This may be easier than having individuals buzz up each time they visit or having to go down and let them in.  Some residents may feel that providing such individuals with this access is for their own personal security and safety.

This is a security lapse that affects all building residents.  Keys, fobs and access codes provided to non-residents can be misused or provided to others.  Non-residents with building access pose a security risk to all building residents that circumvent virtually all security precautions.

Condo security requires active participation and support of condo residents.

This condo security tip is provided by Jeff Mullen of CondoSecure.  CondoSecure installs and repairs condo security systems, and manufactures in-suite keypad systems.


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