Condo Balcony Etiquette

July 2017

Your condo balcony is a great space to relax with or without invited guests.  It is also a space owned by the condo corporation, not the condo owner, and what takes place in this space can affect neighbours.  While this space is yours to use and personalize, there are some limits on what you can do with this space.

Personalization – Plants and patio furniture are ok.  Permanent changes or those that could damage the space may be prohibited.  Your condo rules may help to clarify what you can do with this space.

Patio Furniture Choices – Patio furniture should be able to withstand the wind.  Anything that blows off your balcony, potentially causing damage to the building or people, is your responsibility.  Choose sturdy and stable furniture.

Plants – Planters that sit on the ground are generally ok.  Window boxes or planters that sit on railings may not be safe.  Refer to your condo rules or check with your condominium manager.

Pets – A balcony is no place for a pet.  A barking dog will disturb neighbours.  There are also safety issues to consider.  Residents from your or a neighbouring building may contact animal services if your pet is heard or seen on a balcony for an extended period of time.  Dog defecation or urination can end up on another balcony, and the smell will be noticed by neighbours.  It may also cause staining on the balcony for which you would be responsible.

Feeding Birds – Don’t feed visiting birds on a balcony.  This will attract more birds some of which may choose to nest.  Birds will congregate on yours and neighbouring balconies thus creating a community-wide problem.

Cleaning and Sweeping – It is all in how you do it.  Sweeping dirt off the balcony so that it lands on another balcony or the ground is inappropriate.  So is shaking out linens, blankets or brooms.

Water – Watering plants is important as is keeping the area clean.  Be sure not to spray water on neighbouring balconies or overwater so that excess water drips to a lower level.

Garbage – Nothing should be tossed from a window or balcony.  This includes bottles, cigarette butts, ashes or trash.  Anything reaching the ground will need to be cleaned up by your condo corporation and can lead to higher condo fees.

Noise – Anything said on a balcony may be heard by neighbours.  Avoid profanity, yelling and bad jokes.