Condo Act Review

July 2015

Ontario Residential Condominium Study Group – Revisiting the Past

The first Ontario Condo Act, introduced in 1967, was 15 pages. Since then there have been numerous additions, deletions and changes which have made the Condo Act significantly larger and more complex.

In 1978 new sections were created for the Condo Act with the intent of establishing a bureau to assist with condo matters including dispute resolution and education for condominium management. Funding of this bureau was to be obtained from condo owners. The provincial government at the time established Condo Ontario providing both staffing and funds. Funding ceased in 1981 and Condo Ontario was terminated. Sections of the Condo Act specifying duties of this bureau remained in place until 2001.

Now, more than 15 years later, we have revisited these same issues that were never resolved. Countless hours have been spent discussing, considering and making recommendations similar to what previously existed and was subsequently removed.

The best indicator of the future is the past. Much time and effort has been expended in recommending that we now return to a period prior to 2001 by reinstating what is now being called a Condo Office. Little has been said about negative implications of reintroducing into the Condo Act a bureau that existed and was discontinued.

The Report of the Ontario Residential Condominium Study Group – known as the Kealey Report – was published in 1977 and provides findings of a group appointed by the Ontario government to investigate and make recommendations with respect to residential condominiums in Ontario.

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The Kealey Commission report
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