Condo Act Review Update

February 2014

The Ontario Government recognizes that the Condo Act must be updated to better address the needs of condo owners in Ontario. For the past 16 months there has been a detailed review of the Condo Act to identify what needs to be addressed and how.

Toronto is the fastest growing market in North America. There are over 1 million condo residents in Ontario, 600,000 condo units and 9,000 condo corporations.

“We need to get this right, so that we have
long-term solutions – not quick fixes”
The Honourable Tracy MacCharles,
Minister of Consumer Services

Rather than creating a new Condo Act by mandate, which is a top down and government driven approach, the Ontario Government established a process where the community tells them what they want.

This has been a comprehensive review involving the condo community.

Condo residents and others in the industry have worked with the Public Policy Forum as part of a public engagement process to determine how best to revise and modernize
the Act. The goal is to meet the needs of the condominium community for today and tomorrow.

Stage 1 involved approximately 1,000 participants and e-mails. Stage 2 involved more than 500 submissions and participants. This resulted in a Solutions Report with more than 200 recommendations and a Findings