Concierge Services not a Luxury

December 2019

Concierge services have become nearly mandatory in high-rise condo buildings.  They are no longer a luxury service available only to the wealthy.

Concierge services serve three purposes in condo communities:

  1. Provide services that cannot or should not be handled by the condo board or residents
  2. Provide luxury services consistent with what condo residents expect and are prepared to pay for when residing in a particular community
  3. Security services

A concierge, in the context of condo living, is an individual providing aid to residents covering a range of tasks while also providing some level of security for the building and community.  While not all services may be utilized by all residents, there is value in providing them for the community.

Basic Concierge Services

  • Improve security and maintenance in the building
  • Monitor security systems including cameras
  • Monitor who and what enters and leaves the building
  • Provide and monitor access by contractors and service providers
  • Receive and hold orders and deliveries
  • Deal with resident inquiries
  • Greet visitors
  • Liaison for maintenance requests

Luxury Concierge Services

  • Booking of amenities and classes
  • Order delivery from local restaurants
  • Valet parking
  • Parcel delivery from car to suite

Some communities have concierge services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Others seek to economize by limiting a physical presence to daytime or weekday hours.

A remote concierge provides comparable services without requiring a physical presence in the building.  Condo management software reduces concierge duties and interaction with residents by providing a way for residents to handle certain tasks on their own.

Concierge services are not for all communities.  They are more heavily utilized in communities with 60 or more suites where there is a central lobby that most pass through on a daily or regular basis.