Communities Slow to Modernize

July 2021

As Toronto strives to be a “smart city” it is slow to modernize and streamline its infrastructure.

Modernization, done well, maximizes value for the public’s tax dollars.  It offers technologies that improve how the city works for residents.  In condo communities, modernization provides comparable benefits along with financial savings.

Among the City’s recent modernization initiatives:

Tendering processes have been updated. The city receives about 1,000 tenders a month for purchased goods and services.  Until recently tenders were posted online and paper bids submitted.  A single bid could be boxes of paper.  Tenders are now handled through a web-based system providing savings in time and efficiency while reducing errors.

Recreation program sign-up processes will eventually be modernized. Residents will no longer have to wait for hours in lines to register for programs only to find they are unavailable or filled up.

Parking is simpler with the Toronto Parking Authority Green P app. Motorists can now pay for parking via smartphone and remotely top up their time.  There is no need to search for coins or return to the meter when time is running out.

The current 311 phone-based system is being enhanced with an online interface. The system is intended to support service requests including noise complaints, road and sidewalk repairs.  A “ticket” will be created for each service request.  Actions taken to address a service complaint can be followed online until resolution once the system is implemented.

Transit has been streamlined with Presto Cards as people reach their destination faster. Loading is quicker and fewer staff is required at booths.  Exact change is no longer a requirement or cause for delay.  The same card can be used for different transit systems in the city and region.

These are just a few of the ways Toronto is streamlining to better service its growing population.

Condo communities, like the City, have been slow to modernize despite the availability of solutions for streamlining operations.  Accounting software for managing financial transactions and reporting is easily obtainable at low cost.  Condo management software can handle the myriad of communications and record keeping common in most communities.  Both are highly recommended for condo management seeking to improve or streamline operations, enhance communications, keep track of service requests and projects, and manage common area amenities.