Combatting Proxy Abuse

June 2019

Avoiding problems in condo communities begins with ensuring the best qualified candidates are elected to a condo board.  One of the more important steps is to prevent misuse of proxy forms which is the easiest way for less qualified condo board candidates to be elected.

  • Have an experienced and impartial chairperson run the meeting who knows how best to handle proxy concerns.
  • Have available a current list of owners entitled to vote. Verify the accuracy of an owner list prior to the meeting including those not entitled to vote due to arrears of more than 30 days.  For new buildings, the developer should be asked for an updated owners’ list and signature samples in their possession.
  • Provide a standard proxy form that must be completed inclusive of suite owner name and suite number for the individual granting the proxy.
  • Do not provide replacement ballots at the meeting. Do not allow anyone to intimidate, bully or act improperly with respect to the voting process, including registration of proxies.
  • Review proxy forms at meetings to ensure signatures on forms match those on file. Compare signatures on other signed documents on file if there is a question of authenticity.
  • Have the named proxy holder provide identification.
  • Ensure the person signing the proxy form is not in attendance.
  • Verify authenticity of proxies prior to announcing vote results.