Colour Coding for Underground Garages

December 2022

Your underground parking garage, the largest common area in most condominium corporations, is more than a parking area and literally holds up your building.  Hundreds walk through daily to reach their vehicle then again on their return.  Few consider their surroundings until problems arise.

Maintained underground structures are safer, have fewer problems and lower maintenance costs.

Bare concrete is slippery when wet.  An anti-slip coating on floors, stairs and ramps provides a more secure surface for walking and driving.  Some coatings protect against staining from oil, anti-freeze and other liquids that may leak from vehicles thus making floors easier to clean and maintain.

Good lighting is important.  Bright lights make it easier to spot moving vehicles.  Mirrors help drivers see around corners and avoid oncoming traffic.  Brightly coloured lines reflect rather than absorb light making it easier to spot vehicles in motion.

Ceilings, walls and pillars should be painted white with a black perimeter to improve visibility.

Overhead pipes should be coated to prevent corrosion.  Plumbing, gas and water or sprinkler pipes should be differentiated by colour.

Emergency exits should be painted green and clearly indicated by visible signage.  Directional arrows should indicate proper traffic flow and direct toward exits.

Maintenance costs can be reduced by applying coatings that repel moisture that cause chipping and cracking of concrete, and rusting of rebar.

Most underground parking maintenance and repairs require a temperature above five Celsius.  If maintenance is planned, cleaning is best undertaken after this work is complete to ensure debris is cleared away.

  • An anti-slip coating is more secure for walking and driving. Some coatings protect against staining.
  • Bright lights make it easier to spot oncoming vehicles. Mirrors help drivers see around corners and avoid oncoming traffic.
  • Coat overhead pipes to prevent corrosion.
  • Paint emergency exits green.