Collecting Condo Fees from Tenants

May 2023

Collecting condo fees on time is a problem that never goes away.

When fees are past due, the corporation must collect from the owner.  They have no authority to go after a tenant for delinquent fees.  So long as a tenant pays rent to their landlord when due, they are fulfilling their financial obligation.  There is no legal remedy that can force a tenant to pay the corporation fees owed by their landlord.

When a condominium is rented by an owner who falls behind in payment of condo fees, they risk additional costs and the possibility of foreclosure by the holder of their mortgage.  There are measures that the corporation should take to collect its fees.  This includes filing a lien against any owner delinquent in paying their fees by more than 30 days.  The mortgage holder is likely to have authority to pay these fees and collect directly from the owner.

Paying condo fees when due is central to the operation of condominium communities.  It is what allows everyone to safely enjoy their home including all amenities.

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