Clear the Halls

June 2024

High-rise condominium hallways are no place for shoes, boots, strollers, boot trays or other household items.

They are unsightly and give a bad impression to those visiting.  More importantly, they are a danger and don’t belong in public spaces.

Personal items become obstacles others need to work around when stored in common hallways.

The fire department is not pleased when these items are left in hallways.  Should there be a fire, these personal items get in the way of saving or protecting people and property.

Cleaning staff should not have to work around or move personal items when cleaning common hallways and walls.  This takes more of their time.  It costs more to work around or move these items.  Security gets involved.  Some items get damaged, lost or misplaced when handled by multiple people.

Personal items belong in your personal living space.  Those that don’t fit in your home or locker don’t belong in hallways and may be discarded without notice.