Cleaning Services Adapt to COVID

October 2020

Cleaning services are adapting to provide increased protection against COVID and other viruses.

Until recently high-rise cleaning was not focused on viruses emanating from others through sneezing, coughing and touching.  Addressing these transmission mechanisms requires different tools.

One tool is an electrostatic sprayer that charges sanitizing chemicals.  The spray, which clings to surfaces with a positive electronic charge, can be used on furniture and in common areas where people sit to relax or meet.  The positive charge allows sanitizing chemicals to cling where sprayed, allowing for effectiveness over longer periods of time.

For hard surfaces and high-touch areas several products are available at low cost for destroying viruses including COVID.

HEPA-filtered negative air machines and air scrubbers quickly pass air through a series of filters to remove airborne contaminants including viruses.  Closed spaces such as elevators and exercise rooms are potential areas of use.  Temporary use in spaces where people congregate may facilitate in-person meetings.

Emergency cleaning services may become more prevalent in high-rise communities to address situations where someone with COVID has been known to frequent.  Overnight cleaning can make an area ready for general use the next morning with minimal disruption to residents.  Home sanitization may be a growing area for cleaning services.  Residents returning from hospitalization, and those considered at greater risk if infected, may desire home sanitization services.