Cleaning Up a Drug Lab

Restoration Services to the Rescue

June 2017

Drug labs are illegal … at least in residential condo buildings.

This does not prevent some from establishing a meth lab or grow-op in a condo suite, which is dangerous and risky for other residents of a condo building.

Meth labs and grow-ops contain hazardous and combustible material in a confined space.  Explosions are not unknown.

Discarding waste in public areas pose a danger.

Meth labs have been known to blow up.  Electrical systems may have been altered and no longer safe.

Cleaning up and repairing these spaces is at a significant cost.  Should damage be caused by a meth lab or grow-op, insurance is unlikely to cover repair  or clean-up costs.

Cleaning up a meth lab or grow-op requires a restoration service with biohazard training.  These specialists have been trained in how to protect themselves from exposure to chemicals and heat.  They know how to safely remove any biohazardous material found without causing further contamination.