Cleaning – Back to Basics thanks to COVID

January 2021

Important as it is to keep our homes clean, that task takes on greater importance in high-rise common areas.  Terminology such as “touchpoints” and “hotspots”, always in use within the cleaning industry, have now become commonplace.  Yet little has changed in how to deal with them.

Until recently we have chosen to neglect basic cleanliness.  Washing hands has become more widely accepted.  Because of COVID-19 we are more aware of the importance of hand washing, disinfecting and cleaning to our health and infection control.

We have had to relearn forgotten behaviours.  Cleaning and disinfecting, always important, have until recently been viewed as routine.

Michael Grist, Managing Director of Professional Choice Cleaning Services, advises on proper cleaning procedures.  “Prior to COVID, disinfectants and cleaners were often not correctly used.  Once placed on a surface they must be allowed to air dry.  Wiping them off makes them less effective.  This is particularly important on surfaces touched by many including elevator buttons, door handles, push plates, light switches, keyboards, telephones, light switches, furniture or desks in shared spaces, touch screens, sinks and faucets.  Nowadays we pay more attention to proper cleaning techniques for these spaces.”

Communication remains a priority.  Residents want to know what measures are being taken to keep their home clean and safe.

It is important that we retain our focus on cleaning and disinfecting to keep COVID, along with colds and the flu, at bay.  It is easy to become slack when it comes to washing hands with soap and hot water, or to rush through cleaning and disinfecting procedures.  Our ongoing health and wellness will depend on our diligence in getting this right.