Clean Green Air Movement

September 2018

An increasing number of condo residents want to ensure the air inside their home is clean.  Tolerance for neighbours who smoke is at an all-time low and likely to decline further once use of marijuana becomes legal.

Toronto condo corporations have the authority to prohibit or restrict smoking.  Many are acting on this authority and are voting to restrict smoking in their buildings.

New York City Health Department in 2016 found 49 per cent of New York City apartment residents reported smelling smoke coming from other units or the street while in their homes.  In July 2018 New York City Housing Authority put a smoking ban in place for properties under their control.

The real problem in condo communities is not smoking but complaints.  Complaints arise when residents or management fail to take steps to keep smoke, cinders and cigarette butts from ending up where they don’t belong.

For condo buildings where smoking is not restricted, condo-landlords may choose to restrict smoking as a condition of leasing.