Children-Only Condo Rules

September 2017

At times it may seem appropriate to create specific condo rules directed toward children.  It may appear to be necessary to clarify that children should not be using certain amenities without adult supervision.

Balls, skateboards or bikes in the halls can be a nuisance or even a danger.  Some frown upon running, skipping, shouting or playing in hallways or other common areas and view such activities as being a disruption.

This approach suggests that children are more of a risk of disruption in your condo community than adults.

There is certainly a safety risk of toddlers in a swimming pool on their own or children using exercise equipment designed for adults.  The same can be said of adults who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.  Even responsible adults  can be a problem.

People of all ages are vulnerable to the same health and safety issues, and should be of equal concern to condo communities.

Creating rules intended for a particular group of residents is not an effective way to manage condo communities and could lead to legal problems.  Where safety is an issue, posting warning signs in suitable areas may be a more effective solution.  Other times it may be more prudent to obtain a liability release for specific situations.  Either approach may be more suitable than limiting amenity use solely because of age.

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