Chain of Command – Condominium Managers and Superintendents

June 2017

When living in a high-rise condo, there is always a “go to” person when work needs to be done.  That person is the condominium manager or superintendent.

A condominium manager is the person charged with operating the condo corporation property for a fee.  This role exists because condo owners, including condo corporation directors, are unable to personally do the necessary work or are not interested in doing so.  Where a condominium manager role exists in a condo corporation, the superintendent would generally report to that individual.

The superintendent is the individual who supervises maintenance-related work for the condo corporation.  They will troubleshoot system problems and perform or oversee repairs.  As a general rule, condo corporations with more than 100 suites tend to have a full-time superintendent.  This individual should have a basic knowledge of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.  A general knowledge of electrical and plumbing, carpentry, general repair and maintenance rounds out their expertise.

When a specific situation requires more expertise than the superintendent possesses an engineer or contractor – perhaps plumber or electrician – may be brought in.

At least one individual is typically available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations.

Condo resident service requests generally go through the condominium manager or management office.  Where no such role or office exists, a superintendent may be the primary contact.  Emergency requests may go through a concierge, superintendent or other emergency contact provided by the condo corporation.

Increasingly, non-emergency service requests must be submitted electronically through condo management software.  This approach ensures a written record of requests that can be transmitted to the appropriate individual.  This system also retains a record of service requests that can be reviewed by management or the board to more effectively identify problem areas and deliver long-term solutions.