Cease and Desist Letter

July 2024

You have received a “cease and desist” letter advising you to discontinue conduct or allegations.

You may have received this letter because of certain actions by you that are against your condominium corporation declaration, by-laws or rules, or the law.  You may have been smoking, making excessive noise, disposing of garbage inappropriately or harassing neighbours.  The situation may be minor or serious depending on your perspective and that of your corporation or neighbours.  If you fail to comply, the corporation may take certain actions against you.

It may be that you have received this letter because of entirely valid statements or actions that are supportable by documentation in your possession.  The letter may have been sent as a scare tactic to silence you about speaking of corporation or board actions that are improper or which the board chooses not to disclose.

The important point is to not undertake actions or make statements that are not supportable.  Support based on opinion or something told to you may not justify your actions.  There should be written documentation in the form of the Condo Act, corporation governing documents or correspondence in your possession to support your position or actions.

Should you receive a “cease and desist” letter, determine its validity before deciding on a course of action.